"My major contribution to the ART WORLD is in fact, my WATERCOLORS.
As much as I like to paint in oils, my legacy is a California Watercolorist, following as my peers did, friends and mentors, Donald Teague and Millard Sheets.
My watercolor contemporaries, friends Frank La Lumia (Plein Art), Robert Kent d. 1989), and I and others (like Ken Potter) were from the Bay Area and we were, and are, the following generation of California watercolorists regardless of where we live.

Historically, my personal inspiration comes from California artists Percy Gray, and my personal friends and mentors Donald Teague, Millard Sheets- also, the legendary Maurice Logan, and Jade Fon. Many others of us as California watercolorists, were professionals that made a living on our watercolors and workshops in California, carry on legacies from these pioneers of California watercolor. There are so many: Hardie Gramatky, (Easterners- Ogden Pleisner and Phil Dike), Rex Brandt, George Post, George Gibson, Robert E. Wood, Harold Gretzner (a student of Logan), Dong Kingman, etc.were mine and others inspiration.

The following sections represent my watercolors that owe my legacy to those before me,. Mostly we painted on location, some in the studio; these watercolors constitute a body of work that I have completed over forty years of painting in watercolor. Some were published in my book, most are sold and in private collections, gallery purchased, or museum collections all over the world."

The following sections represent the locations I mostly frequent, and have attempted to translate into watercolor my personal experiences there."